Samstag, 25. August 2018

The Battle of Mallory's World - Last Preparations

Only a few days and the BattleTech Convention Midsummer Fight 2018 close to Nuremberg, Germany will start. Last preparations on my side are being made for the classic scenario Battle of Mallory's World during its early stages in 3013. We will play out a series of three engagements with the last one being the duel between First Prince Ian Davion and Yorinaga Kurita.

I am really looking forward to this one, because the fights between Kurita and Davion have been my favorite ones in the BattleTech lore! I will give a report after next weekend.

With no further ado, here are the troops:

Roughly three companies of BattleMechs and vehicles
will take part in the mini campaign.
Our heroes! The 2nd Sword of Light of House Kurita.
Yorinaga Kuritas Warhammer-6K is to be seen in the rear.

And here are the baddies: Elements of the 4th Davion Guards RCT.
Ian Davions Atlas in parade colors is in their midst.

Freitag, 17. August 2018

Show me your Marauders

The Marauder was the design, which got me into BattleTech. Back in 1994 I was sitting in a friends room, playing Star Wars: TIE Fighter on his PC. I had only an Amiga back then and the game wasn't released on my aging computer.

So we played a hotseat session, everyone could do one mission or until the AI had blown you out of space. When he was playing, I had a look on this strange book, lying next to his PC: the Technical Readout 3025 of BattleTech. I fell at once in love with the Marauder on its cover.

Now after 34 years I own a few of them. Next to the ones on the picture, I have some unfinished Marauders: a RoboTech Tactical Pod Gauge, a MWO Marauder and in the near future one of the first BattleTech Marauders (with those thin AC5 barels). And a half Marauder II, missing his legs.

Until they are finished, those are my battle ready 75 tons favorite fighting machines (from right to left):

  • Grey Marauder II (Gray Death Legion, merc unit)
  • Blue Marauder (Tjorvens Fire, Ronin/merc unit)
  • White-Gold Marauder (36th Dieron Regulars, Kurita)
  • Red Marauder (5th Sword of Light, Kurita)
  • Green Marauder (some merc)
About the Marauders in the making, the MWO design will become MacLarens machine of the command lance of the Black Widow Company. Concerning the other three, it is still undecided what they will be.