Samstag, 18. Mai 2019

An incredibly beautiful gesture

"Matsumura Hatake-san loses his rank of Tai-sa and will be appointed to another position."
Message from Dieron Military District to 36th Dieron Regulars, March 30th, 3053

With these words my unit stripped me of my rank on May 4th this year. It was the conclusion of my former resignation as the CO of the 36th Dieron Regulars. Leading the unit for about 6.5 years, I felt this would be the right step. Even though my comrades had to let me go ... at least in a way, they came up with a trick to keep me in service: They promoted me.

As a result of the Combines and FRR strategic victory during the Operation Thor II, which I commanded, they gave me the rank of Tai-sho. Which means General in the Draconis Combine Military Soldiery (DCMS).

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! *bowsdeeply*