Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2019

Eridani Light Horse - finally complete

Sixteen months after I did the basic coating and the bases, I finally finished my company of Eridani Light Horses. I added laser and cockpit colors and these nice looking Eridani Light Horse decals. I selected mainly light and medium Mechs, according to the units philosophy. Only one fast heavy Battlemech, the Ostroc, is found in their ranks. Some slower mediums like the Hunchback are there as well, to give the company more punch.

I find it interesting to have a Hatchetman and a Wolfhound as well, because one of them was created by fellow mercenaries (Kell Hounds) and the other one a fairly new design of the Lyran Commonwealth. I think the Light Horse would be in the position to muster Battlemechs like these.

I painted the mechs very similar to each other, to reflect the Star League Defense Forces background of this unit. The Eridani Light Horses are one of the best mercenaries of the Inner Sphere with a long history. The commanders would look after details like this.

My next project: the famous Kell Hounds! :-)

Scout lance

Flanker lance

Combat lance