Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Gray Death Legion: Battle for Port Arthur

In mid July we had a nice fight in my relics room: Gray Death Legion (employed by House Steiner) vs. mercenaries of House Marik and a few militia tanks. The Gray Death, still enraged due to the events on Helm, is tasked to take the city of Port Arthur. Secondary target is to prevent an enemy Union dropship from espcaing with vital technicians.

The Gray Deat has a minor advantage in troops, but the definitly worse terrain at their hand. Coming from the west side, they have to wade through water and assault some fortified positions. The Marik mercs on the other side are to defend a wide area, splitting their forces.

Slow advance on right flank
against fortified positions.
The initial assault of the Gray Death goes quite well, taking out the Marik Banshee and the Cataphract on the far left flank under the heavy long range fire of GDL tanks from the islands. Also the Marauder is taken down later. And on top: Carlyles Assasin manages to splip through and he takes the Union in the last possible round! Secondary object reached. But it comes at a high price: The Gray Death scouts pay with several of their light and medium mechs for this small victory.

Desperate charge of the Gray Death.
On the other side it isn't going quite as planned. The command and combat lance meet stiff resitance and they don't manage to achieve their goals in time. There is still a slim chance to get the upper hand. Before the militia tanks come back from the city fighting to the military complex in the south. Carlye leads a desperate push, but the Gray Death can not score enough to win this one.When the tanks get around the corner at flank speed, soon one grey mech after another falls and Carlyle is forced to withdraw, to save what is left...

Combined rules: Classic Battletech + Alpha Strike
This match was nice to play and had some really decent tactical approaches. And we tried something new! We mixed the movement rules of Classic Battletech with the firing and damage rules of Alpha Strike. So we made use of the huge terrain, while combat was fast paced. I enjoyed this variant very much, while my opponent - even if he remained victorious - was undecided. In his eyes this was not fish nor flesh. Anyhow, I liked it a lot and I thank "Icke" for this great fight night, which took us from 04:00 pm until 01:30 am! :-)

Slow push over the bridge under
heavy LRM bombardment.
View on the battlefield
from the left flank.


"Get close to the walls!"
Protection from massive
LRM fire.

Final stand, the Gray Death has to withdraw.