Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

36th Dieron Regulars: Reinforcements - Ostsol-4D + Ostscout-7J

At the moment I am working on a company of the 36th Dieron Regulars, my RPG unit since 1994. I've never had many of those minis myself, because everyone of us owned his Battlemech. My first one has been a Hunchback-4G, later a Marauder-3R. As you might know, the Marauder is already finished, the Hunchback is still in the making.

My goal is to paint chassis we used back in the days of MechForce Germany. Therefore I completed André K.'s Ostsol and Mirco S.'s Ostscout. The next ones will be a Jenner-7-D and Goliath-1H, followed by a Crusader-3R and a Dragon-1N.

By the way:
 I was asked how I did the base. It's pretty simple: Base color is Citadel "Ungor Flesh", then I wash it with Game Ink "Piel Skin Wash". While the ink is still wet, I put some Citadel Grass on it. When everything has dried, I remove the loose grass and cover the hexbase sides in Citadel "Steel Legion Drab". Done. :-)

Here a few pics of the upcoming company on maneuvers:

Tai-sa Matsumuras Marauder leading
the group on the grass plains.

At some places the grasses grows that high,
even Battlemechs do have problems to pass through.

A detail shot of the base works.